Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday, Monday, la la

Well, the weekend is over but my dh had to stay in GA one more day. He'll be home before Tues morning but that's as specific as it got. Miss him. Took an easy day today and hope to get busy tomorrow so I can sew the rest of the week. Researched Etsy some more and will probably do it soon. My angle is to take abandoned UFO's and repurpose to sell. If you would like to donate any abandoned project pieces just email me.

My husband's brother and my sister have both donated funds for use during unemployment and an anonymous donor sent food. Also, some church ladies donated some desserts and snacks. Many people have offered their prayers. We are so honored to receive the love.

Hope all retreaters had a great time. I will be working on the newsletter Wed. Love to all.



Valerie said...

I didn't know you had a blog! Now I can read this as well! I'm so glad the hubby is home!

Patricia Booher said...

Hello Rachel,
I might be repeating myself, but here goes. I am so happy that you are a quilter, as I love quilting. I go back in forth from writing to designing. Right now I am very busy, as my first novel has just come out, "Reflections of a Wyoming Shepherd on the 23rd Psalm." A story from down inside of me. So very happy to see you again. Patty Booher

Bea said...

Hi Dix!
Please send me your adress, I want to send you your star. Happy stitching