Friday, November 4, 2011

I am BACK!!

What a summer and fall.  We lost our mobile home to the tornadoes in April (Alabama) and now six months later we are in a HUD home that had no utilities to start, plus missing fixtures, ceiling tiles and we had no appliances after the storm.
We are now up to one plumbed bathroom, lights in three rooms, trunk outlets and extension cords, and an almost plumbed kitchen sink.  We also have a washer, dryer, stove and fridge all working and a dishwasher on the way.  Pictures and progress is on Facebook if you want to FB me.  Leave me a comment if you need help with that.
As far as needlework is concerned, I had my sewing machine out at my MILs in August and did some small projects.  One which was a disaster due to my stress level.  Right now I can knit and crochet if I buy yarn but can't get to my stash.  Thus I am finishing projects that were in my bags and have done some hospice coasters with donated yarn.
This week I bought some Red Heart and created a very cute (not-for-guys) star coaster.  I am trying to locate my camera for pix.  If that doesn't work I will get my friend Jill to take pix next Wed.  Then I can post the pix and pattern for download.  My first endeavor at my own pattern.
I want to get some traffic to this site with some of my own patterns and then do a BOM for quilting next year sometime.  If readers will help with that it would be great.

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beckyquilts said...

I didn't know you were having such issues with your new home. I hope everything goes better from now on! You can visit my blog at Becky (you know, Jill's sister!)