Sunday, November 13, 2011

Crafty News

First of all, I have won two issues of "100 Blocks by Quiltmaker".  If they don't mess up, I will be giving the second one to my quilty friend for Christmas.

Second, the coaster pattern made onto Crochet Pattern Central. 

Third, I went to quilting on Sat and then Jill and I went to America's Thrift Store.  She sweetly got me "The Book Of Wool" and an embroidery stitch book.  Also, a cute spring purse.  I purchased a vintage bowl but can't read the makers mark on bottom.

Fourth, I emailed Michelle Edwards and she emailed Lion Brand.  Ta Da!  You can access a new
card from her recent Yarn Love story.  Card   ( to send card go to here to start) Story

Last, I got to look through needlework mags at BN today and loved that.  

If your reading, please follow and comment.  I love seeing traffic.  Hugs.

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deborah said...

I'm reading! I don't quilt, but everything else is up my alley. :) Congrats our your pattern being included, and on winning the books!