Wednesday, June 29, 2011

style find

Trying this out from BzzLabs thru BzzAgent.  I really was impressed at the sale alerts available and the trend pages.  They tell u what the trend is, show you the look, tell you how to work it for you and can sell u the "look" if your interested.
I am no longer much of a fashion girl but was bak in the day with Lord & Taylor and Steketee's (MI).  Would have been a buyer and I can tell you this is what buyers know ahead of you.  Check it out and you can register for a vaca sweepstakes.

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kfc said...

Hi! I LOVED Steketee's and used to work at Wurzburg's and Ganto's!!! Lived Grand Rapids for 2 years back in the 60's! Now live in Gardendale, AL!!