Monday, January 3, 2011

Lovely Start

Jan 3 and a nice start to the day and the year.  I'm up and around, coffee on, cats settling for naps, and looking forward to a new year of faith, quilts, and fun.  I hope to see some serious growth as a quilter and needle artist this year.  My oldest will be graduating from HS in May.  My youngest will start driving.  Hubby has a solid job this year and that means a set schedule etc. 

Ok. I just had to break to clean up coffee I spilled and feed cats that I thot had been fed.  Well, still, soldier on.  My sweet friend gave me her mothers serger yesterday so I am going to learn about that in the next months and I have many ideas in my head.  Stay in touch and press forward.


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janet said...

Hello Dix,
Thanks for visiting my little blog and you had me at "coffee is on" ;-)

Good luck in the giveaway!

Janet xox