Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 Coming Soon

Sounds like a movie advert. Glad for a new year. Going to work more on projects that have been waiting.
Right now, I have finished a small knitted wool/soy purse that needs finishing. I have started a crocheted cotton tote from yarn my oldest son gave me for Christmas.
I am planning to participate in Cocoa Swapping 2, a KAL at In The Making here in Birmingham, secret pals at Quilt Guild and my own projects.
I teach a crochet group every Wed and attend a knitting group every Thur. Quilt Guild is once a month and I am going to join T.O.P.S this year, too.

Well, I think those are big enough plans, so as scripture says, if the Lord allows.

Do you have certain pictures you would like to see?


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